Brand reach, without the bullsh*t

Simple, effective and transparent media buying for growth companies.

No dodgy tactics

We’re committed to avoiding the dodgy tactics the industry is known for and we only care about media that works.

No spend commitments, upfront deals, or preferred vendors. Which means we go value shopping each time to find what’s going to work hardest for your campaign. Media schedules come to you completely unadulterated.

No mark-ups or charging for bonus (and yes, this sadly happens a lot).

What makes us different

Iterative approach

We’re well-versed in designing experiments to measure uplift before scaling.

Integrated ways of working

We plug directly into your workflows to make sure we’re sprinting with you.

Don’t pay us anything

We make our money from the media owners. Our flat commission structure means we never play favourites.

How we work

No long decks. No sales BS.

Our DNA is in-house/client side, working in startups. So we know how to put media plans together that drive growth.

We’ll analyse what is and isn't working based on your objectives and optimise on the fly.

We can pull in brand tracking and incrementality measurement partners as needed.

Have a noodle at what people are saying about Oodle

Oodle are transparent straight shooters that feel like a part of the team, not an external agency. They run at the same pace as us with just the right amount of no obligation proactiveness.

David Brownless

Head of Growth, Hnry

Matt's experience and strategic direction gave us the confidence to expand into brand advertising for the first time. The media schedules Oodle delivered drove immediate uplift.

Charlie Walters

CEO, Koh

Oodle has been a game-changer for our marketing team and media budget! Their expertise has meant we're spending ATL dollars more efficiently, maximising campaign performance.

Lauren Webb

Head of Marketing, Spriggy

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